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About Kossie

We are #1 life coaching platform that connects your burning question to certified coaches for in-depth guidance, starting at $ 4.99.

With Kossie, you can get unstuck in your life and achieve any goals you could imagine! Most importantly, you will learn more about yourselves.

Are you ready to make a positive change in your life? If yes, we’re here for you!

Kossie Insider

Gets a $50 gift card

It’s Amazon!

90% off your first guidance

To help you feel less stressed, less anxious

Exclusive community group

Connect with like-minded souls

How to become a
Kossie Insider


Complete a short survey

Less than 3 minutes


Google-meet with our founder

Just a chit-chat about mental well-being and stuff

Want to become
Kossie Insider ?

Terms & Conditions
  1. In order to be eligible to get the gift card, you must complete the survey and virtual meet-up with our founder.
  2. The 90% discount code for submitting questions will be available to use on 3rd August 2022, or the date announced later.
  3. This is only 30 spots by first come first served.
  4. By participating in this program, all personal data and opinions will only be used for Kossie’s development and strategies and will not be disclosed to other organisations.
  5. In case of disputes, Kossie reserves the rights of the final decision, including suspending, terminating or changing details of this program and its terms and conditions without prior notice.