Invest In Soft-skill training.

2x Team Performance.

To help employees enhance their productivity levels, communication and leadership skills, Kossie's budget-friendly coaching platform connects them with 250+ certified coaches for personalised guidance.

Why soft-skills matters

Not investing in soft skills training can negatively impact your team's performance and overall success. Discover the annual cost by adjusting the slider to match your annual payroll.

HK$ 180 thousand

The annual cost of poor communication skills to organisations [1]

The ROI of investing coaching platform

Soft-skills training program delivered
return on investment [2]
Leadership training programs have been found to have
increase in performance productivity [2]

Personalisation is at the core of Kossie’s approach

More than 90% of employees feel that workshops and seminars do little to improve their performance, resulting in a significant waste of time and resources. The lack of personalization is a major drawback in workshops and seminars.

By contrast, our coaching platform offers a highly cost-effective alternative to traditional training methods, providing employees with personalized guidance and support to enhance their performance.

Introducing Kossie Guidance™ to access coaching at 1/2 price

We are not just another digital coaching platform. Kossie Guidance™ is the first-to-market service in the coaching industry.

Compared to regular coaching, you can access coaching at half the price. No more scheduling; you don't have to worry about forgetting what your coach said to you because you will receive a deliverable of 250 words in a document.

How it works

  • Step 1: Talk to KAIA™

  • Step 2: Match you with a coach

  • Step 3: Receive personalised guidance

  • Step 4: Reflect on yourself with KAIA™

  • Step 5: Follow up with your coach

KAIA™, Kossie Coach’s AI Assistant, will ask you questions and learn more about your situation

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