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We’re revolutionising the traditional coaching industry by making coaching accessible and affordable to all.

Kossie is a first-of its-kind platform which inspires our community to achieve their goals, both at work and in their personal lives by getting the guidance they need, fast.

We are ready to empower you and help you become the best version of yourself!

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A cosy, inclusive space based on a foundation of trust and openness, dedicated to Millennial wellbeing. You can share your wildest dreams, deepest feelings and be your authentic self with Kossie

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Founder's letter

I'm Karen Chung, the founder of Kossie.

I've got a typical “type A” personality, and I'm always on the move.

I used to overpack my schedule and think that if I wasn't always busy, I would be a loser. It got to a point that I just couldn't live like that anymore. This way of thinking led to several burnouts and a huge panic attack in just one year! I told my parents that I wanted to seek professional help, but they just told me to sleep more.

I really felt like I wasn't being heard, but I can't blame them. Discussing mental health concerns is still seen as taboo in many Asian cultures. Despite the stigma, I pushed on and sought out a therapist to help me. I was SHOCKED at the expense of it.

I began to wonder, WHY is mental health care so unaffordable? Shouldn't it be accessible to everyone?

And so, I created Kossie.

I wanted to educate millennials like me on rarely discussed mental health topics with interesting, informative and entertaining content. My team and I covered hundreds of interviews with therapists and coaches. Our 'Ask Professional' series really took off!

This got me thinking about the future of coaching, and how we could revolutionise it. Back then, we'd connect our community members with suitable coaches by hand. But what about making it automatic, I thought. Can we design a platform that is affordable, accessible and easy to use?

After a year from ideation to product development, we relaunched Kossie as a personalised guidance platform!

Kossie is a brand new way to access coaching. We're here to empower every millennial to become the best version of themselves, together.

With gratitude,
Karen Chung
Founder & Chief Empowerment Officier

Our core values

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We empower millennials by giving them the tools to easily navigate its personalised guidance platform, connecting each community member with its hand-picked, expert coaches who professionally share their wisdom with empathy.

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We seek to always work harder and smarter to ensure its community members have the best experience in receiving guidance possible. We are constantly asking ourselves: what can we do better?

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Every community member is treated with the utmost respect, with all requests for guidance kept completely anonymous. Even the deepest secret of someone’s heart will be compassionately dealt with, in order to guide our members in the right direction.

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We aim to deliver our service in a down-to-earth, enjoyable way! Let go of your inhibitions and open your heart to a world of enrichment and happiness.

Giving back to the community

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Giving back to the community is essential to creating a better world for all. Previously, we partnered with nonprofit organisations like StrongMinds to run a fundraising campaign on World Mental Health Day. Through this campaign, we are committed to donating all proceeds to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people in need.

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