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Invest in Employee Well-being

Achieve greater success with happier employees

Why employee leave the company?


    Feeling undervalued

    It can also be damaging to the company's morale and reputation


    Lack of career development

    Leave the company with unengaged and unmotivated employees


    Not having enough opportunities for growth

    This can create a cycle of high turnover rate

Insights on People and Organizational Performance by McKinsey & Company

“Employers must treat their employees as though they have come to stay — invest in developing them and show them a future in the organization, or watch them leave.”

Benefits of our mental well-being initiative

    Kossie guidance

    Receive one-on-one support from a certified coach

    Exclusive discount

    Will be notified a special offer from time to time

Most importantly, employers can spark meaningful changes both in their professional and personal life

Terms & conditions

The offer period: Start date: March 15 2023 EST 00:00 End date: August 31 2023 EST 23:59 Each user may use the link and the provided code to register the service. Code is only valid for designated email provided by the invited Company. All personal information with coaches' guidance are protected and anonymous to the invited company. All service are at NO COST & NO COMMITMENT. Kossie reserves the right to change, suspend or end this Program at our sole discretion without giving prior notification. Kossie reserves the right in decision of any disputes. This promotion campaign is subject to the Terms of Service except clauses 6 and 8 (