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Kossie is an inclusive, community-focused coaching platform which directly advises millennial women on their dating concerns, well-being struggles and career worries. We personally match our community members with accredited, professional coaches and experts to answer their questions on our dedicated platform.

We built our platform on a foundation of trust, openness and friendship – our honest, up-to-date advice helps us stand out from the crowd by providing that all-important personal touch. Our ultimate goal is to consistently motivate and inspire our community to achieve their goals, both at work and in their personal lives. We recognise the importance of maintaining a positive, well-balanced lifestyle, which is why helping you to achieve this is such a priority for us.

Our dedicated team work hard to find the best, most suitable experts for the answers to your questions, while also aiming to entertain you by delivering hard-hitting, important and often taboo subjects in an easy-to-digest and fun way. Your inclusion is key; we are committed to always bringing you authenticity through our words, recommendations and actions.

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