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Bringing a next-gen coaching experience

At Kossie, we believe in harnessing the power of both AI and human coaches to shape the future of coaching. Introducing KAIA™, Kossie Coach’s AI Assistant, she engages employees by asking questions and matching them with the most suitable human coaches. This approach reduces intimidation and allows employees to express themselves more comfortably.

With that being said, real human coaches are essential for personalised guidance and emotional support. This AI + Real Human coaching model makes it more affordable for organisations, which allows employees at all levels to benefit from coaching and achieve their goals.

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In the eyes of HR Professional

Kossie is such a great platform where individuals can get direction to build clarity on their own thought process. Everyone has an inner voice and getting a coach’s help in such an instant manner, creates the opportunity to focus on the heart of the matter in having the right mindset to kickstart the journey of positive thinking in resolving issues to reach one’s goal - that is where Kossie Guidance is leading the way.

Lavina Mehta

Director of Human Resources, Asia

Same budget, but serving more employees

Save 50% off the regular coaching

Employees will receive a coaching session that is equivalent to a 1:1 video session at 1/2 the price

Make coaching beneficial for more employees

More junior employees can receive personalised support from professionals throughout the partnership

Coaching programs for all job levels

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